Palm Beach House

Palm Beach House

‘I instantly related to Justine’s sophisticated yet warm style and we worked together beautifully. I trust her without hesitation – she always sources unique pieces and different suppliers from what you typically see in Australia.’

Owner of the Palm Beach House, belle
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Palm Beach House

  • Architecture Hugh Jones Mackintosh
  • Landscape Annie Wilkes
  • Photography Nick Watt
  • Styling Steve Cordony

The waterfront position of this house was one of its greatest assets, but its internal layout didn’t suit its new owners, a couple with two children. Thankfully, we had the freedom to completely strip the interior and reconfigure the space to create the light, low-maintenance and easy flowing space it is today.

The whole family is keen on water sports and so it was a priority that the house evoked a sense of relaxation and encouraged frequent casual entertaining. We achieved that through both careful planning and by sourcing a balance of pieces that, while individual and sophisticated, were also unpretentious and practical.

The family divides their time between Sydney and the States, and were out of the country during most of the time work was underway. This is not unusual for us, but one of the main challenges was the tight turnaround required – the whole project was successfully completed within six months.

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