Palm Frond Retreat

Palm Frond Retreat

This three-storey home seamlessly integrates with the natural landscape, offering breathtaking views of the ocean and surrounding greenery from every level.  
The intricate beauty and perfection of a palm frond have served as inspiration as this home embodies curves and straight lines – the effect is an endless display of shadow and light hugging a hill on Sydney’s coast line. 
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Palm Frond Retreat

  • Architecture Koichi Takada
  • Landscaping Myles Baldwin
  • Photography Prue Ruscoe
  • Styling Olga Lewis

Taking cues from the home’s trademark exterior screens, louvres and curves, the interior is organic and flowing – giving the framework for the texture and layers, such as the timber and travertine fluting. The fireplace and the powder room, both in fluted travertine, and the fluted-timber kitchen bench become the heroes in these spaces. The tactile palette also includes rattan inserts in joinery, marble in the kitchen, terrazzo in the main ensuite and seagrass wallpaper in the powder room. 

On the ground floor, the kitchen forms the central hub, with the entertaining spaces on one side and relaxed family zones on the other. Walls of glazing allow a seamless transition between indoors and out with generous, protected spaces for entertaining family and friends, while pockets throughout offer a solitary escape. 

The colour palette draws inspiration from the harbour side location, with its wattles, eucalypts and water views, featuring natural greens, rusts and mustards and the furniture selection blends the contemporary and vintage, while celebrating the handcrafted.
Accessories bring further warmth to this homes slick shell including layers of feature decorative lighting and the use of rugs throughout which come in diverse colours, patterns and textures among them wool kilim’s, Afghans and woven jute. The result is a textural feast, a warm and liveable home, with tactile, layered interiors. 

One of the most successful features in the design of this home is the ability to see all the way through this structure. By providing a clear line of sight from one end to the other, this design element creates a sense of continuity and flow, encouraging movement and exploration within the space. While the house celebrates the view, there’s so much to see along the way.