Locarno Apartment

Locarno Apartment

‘I picked the furniture because I wanted each one to be a talking point, telling their own story. There are pieces created by artisans from Byron Bay to Perth, a true representation of Australian craftsmanship.’

Justine Hugh-Jones, belle
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Locarno Apartment

  • Architecture Mirvac
  • Photography Nick Watt
  • Styling Hugh Jones Mackintosh

The problem with creating a display home that appeals to everyone is that it runs the risk of looking bland and unlived-in. To avoid that, we invented imaginary clients – a sophisticated couple with a teenage son, well-travelled individuals who loved art and entertaining – for a display apartment at Harold Park.

In parkland close to the harbour, the surroundings provided inspiration for the saturated blue and green colour palette, which is subtly picked up in elements throughout the apartment. Taking cues from our make-believe clients, as well as our natural design aesthetic, we chose a mix of contemporary and vintage furnishings, including a broad representation of Australian craftsmanship, and a rich selection of artwork and contemporary photography. The layering of these components suggests an intriguing narrative, reflecting the lives of the apartment’s occupants.

Ever mindful of the clients, the schemes for the bedrooms address their needs and interests – a place to relax for the parents; a retreat to suit a teenage boy who dreams of surf and fast cars.

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